We believe in immediate impact and are obsessed with application. We believe in conversations of possibility and we are in love with all things simple. In everything we do, we passionately seek, build and improve a client’s future, by offering our results-focused methodologies to strategic consulting & training.

We want to do business with a select group of clients who also believe, what we believe.

Some of the clients who believe, what we believe.

“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up ”

James Belasco and Ralph Stayer

What we do really well

We only design custom solutions for organisations who have a need to adapt to a constantly changing world. We work at the cross section between the people strategy and the organisation's development strategy, connecting and developing both. Managing change effectively is a source of competitive advantage, yet few organisations do it well. More than 80 percent of companies said they failed to realise the expected results from recent change management initiatives, so we make sure, you're part of the other 20 percent.

How we deliver enduring results

We work with you to address your most critical business priorities. They way we identify your most critical priority is by listening and asking the right questions. Only once we understand, do we work with you to transform your organization, driving big ideas and pragmatic solutions.

" I have worked with Bridge Consulting in building teams using Insights profiling for the past 5 years. Their subject matter expertise, high energy and brilliant communication has been instrumental in turning dysfunctional teams around. I would highly recommend them for facilitating and coaching teams / executives. "



" Bridge brings a creative intelligence which is rare to experience and often people are so inspired by their presence that they become 'adoring fans'. I have always admired their ability to work a organisation development challenge through in a comprehensive way and then instill real magic and energy into the delivery."



" Bridge have a fantastic ability to convey technical information while capturing your full attention. They recognise and utilise the strengths of an audience to unite them around a common vision, provide them with the resources to do a good job and leaving them to get on with it while focused on the end results. Attending one of Bridge's sessions is life changing."



" Rob is highly professional and delivers his work with deep expertise and creative flair that keeps his audiences engaged and enthralled. He has a wonderful style that enables him to bring any content to life in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the group. Over the last few years I have enjoyed working with Rob and his team would recommend them as a facilitator for change management. "



" Rob did more for my business in one day than anyone else has been able to for the better part of 17 years. If you are looking for a management consulting coach that will take your business to the next level, I would not hesitate to recommend Rob. "



Solutions powered by insights

All our solutions are designed and driven by our own unique experiential learning model. These are delivered by world-class facilitators and constructed through our own solution mapping process. This ensures we design you a solution that is customised to your organisational context and learning objectives. We never create the same solution twice.

Leadership through exponential change.

We live in an age of innovation featuring rapid cycles of change. We will see more change between 2015 and 2035 than in the prior 300 years of modern history. Technology disruption is creating a wave of change that is making the way we work almost unrecognisable to today’s business leaders.

To thrive in this uncertain, and fast-changing world, organisations need agile and effective leaders at all levels — from top executives to first-time managers, and everyone in between. We help you create the engine of change through leaders developing leaders.

Results are why we do this.

Our training changes your people so they can change your organisation, which then changes the world. Progress is propelled by the power of transformation, and that begins within. Our methodology is known to ignite long-term behavior change that sticks. We leave you with an “execution engine”: the mind-sets, behaviors, and capabilities that allow you to extend your gains and adapt to future challenges.

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